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Are you interesting in quickly growing your page with REAL targeted followers? - Do you want to Collab? - Checkout my packages!

Instagram Coaching and Managing

With my best efforts not to sound like the typical Instagram gurus you see in ads all the times, I have found the best methods for growing your instagram with real followers who actually want to see YOUR content! I've tried this strategy on many different types of accounts and I can now confidently say that regardless of the type of page you have; your account will grow with this technique!! Whether you have 20 followers or thousands, my course can help you!

My course includes an 8 week program, where we will first have an hour long pre-onboard meeting to go over your page, your goals, and the curriculum we'll be going over. Then every week we'll have an hour long meeting to go over how the last week went, any questions you may have gained, new instructions for the next week, and so on. This process will go on for the length of 8 weeks, with 9 total hours of 1 on 1 time to teach you how to consistently bring followers to your page, maintain a high engagment rate, and create a real following!

For more information, please contact me at or feel free to reach out to my instagram @Motherhood_Groove

Instagram Collaboration

If you're intersted in collaborating with me but want to know more about my page, look no further! I'm proud of the growth I've gained having started this page from 0 not too long ago (12/26/2019).
I'm currently at 2,200 followers with growing numbers every day, my engagment rate is above 6.5% (feel free to check it using this Phlanx Engagment Calculator my @ is Motherhood_Groove)

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